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Project Management Coaching

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Project Management Consulting

You have project management processes in place.  Maybe you don't.  Maybe you simply need a fresh eye or new idea to put you over the top.  American Eagle Group uses its resources of experience, knowledge, creativity, and wisdom to deliver the solution that you need for successful project management. 

We work with all levels of expertise and levels of organization to meet your needs and goals.  Make your project management the most effective it can be by tapping into the expertise in American Eagle Group.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Portfolio Analysis

Project Management Coaching

American Eagle Group is in the business of helping you manage your projects more efficiently.  You have project managers.  They run into situations where an experienced, battle-tested person is needed for advice and direction.  American Eagle Group provides the professionals that help your project managers be more efficient and effective.  With years of experience, our coaches will deliver the creative energy needed to get your project managers out of the toughest spots.

Project Management Training

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From our studies, we have discovered 76% of project managers are not formally trained in project management.  Many project managers arrive at work one day only to find that they have  been dubbed project manager of some project.  With no formal training or understanding, they go forth and manage the project as best they can.  Some fly, others fall, and some somehow make it through.

Give your project managers the tools necessary to succeed - training! We conduct 1- and 2-day seminars and workshops that teach your people practical methods to managing projects.  We show them that project management software helps in managing a project through proper project plan development.  Once properly developed, they can manage the project and understand their status and report back to stakeholders easily and confidently.

American Eagle Group has developed its own unique and time-tested Nine Step Plan for building Effective Project Plans.  Through this method, hundreds have returned to their offices confident they can develop plans that benefit the company. The Seven Cardinal Rules keep the project manager from falling into a ditch and stalling the project.  You owe it to yourself, your company, and the project manager to have them trained properly by our professional staff.

Microsoft Project Training

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular project management software today and it is probably the most misunderstood program. Because of the similar interface to MS Excel, many mistake it as a spreadsheet program and blindly enter information hoping it makes managing project easier.

As a result, many commit the #1 error and creating more problems then they are solving. Yet, they don't realize they have just ruined their project plan. As a result, after some use, MS Project becomes difficult to use. People simply print their plan to paper and try to manage the project manually. They miss out on the power and information MS Project provides.

Our seminar teachs the 9 Steps To Effective Project Plans and the 7 Cardinal Rules of MS Project. If you follow our proven nine steps and don't break the seven cardinal rules, MS Project becomes significantly easier to use.

Also, our seminar covers some basic project management knowledge you must know in order to understand what MS Project is doing for you. This is not your typical button-pushing seminar and rote-memory learning of a software project. When you leave our seminar, you have actionable and useable knowledge you can employ the very next day.

Our manual has been tested with thousands of attendees. We have seen its use in corporations even after the seminar is long over.

We gaurantee you'll be satisfied with our seminar.

Project Forensics

You have a project going bad quickly.  You have a project that went bad and is now dead.  Why?  You realize it is important to understand the factors so that your current projects don't suffer the same consequences.  Insanity is defined to be "doing the same thing expecting different results." That definition doesn't hold more true any other place than in project management.  Strangely enough, people continue making the same mistakes in managing projects, never realizing they are the same, and expecting different results from their projects.

Don't be a part of the crowd.  Learn from those mistakes and manage your projects better.  Call American Eagle Group for a forensic analysis of your dead or dying projects.


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