Training's Impact on Your Business: Cost or Investment?

Training's Impact on Your Business:
Cost or Investment?

Training's Impact on Your Business:
Cost or Investment?

Learn How To Make Training Count

Have you ever asked how to drive more value from the training budget? Do you consider it to be a cost of doing business or an investment in the future? Have you ever had to prove the value of training to your company?

In this free paper, Mr. Zimmer analyzes seven factors that impact the value of training and return to the organization. The study is based on the thousands of hours of training he has personally conducted, interviews with seminar attendees and experience gained while working with a variety of training organizations.

You'll learn:

  • The 7 Factors influencing training's value,
  • How to drive the most value from training,
  • How to view training as a business proposition to gain the greatest return of dollars spend, and
  • The proper questions to ask to understand training's impact on your organization.

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