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Blog index

American Eagle Group maintains several blogs providing information on several topics.  This index will help you easily select the blog that best fits your needs.  Be our guest to expanding your knowledge in project management.

Article Series

American Eagle Group often writtens articles closely related or in a series around one topic. These articles are published in blogs - sometimes the same blog and sometimes in a variety. In order to help our readers see the interrelation and easily locate the various articles making up the series, we have created a blog which contains the "table of contents" of the series. Each entry links to the respective article. Readers can simply click on the topic desired and find the article.

This blog provides articles concerning project management and other thoughts.  A variety of topics are covered.  The articles are generally longer than the postings in the Project Management Nuggets blog.

Zimmer's Books
We're not just another pretty face with brains.  We activity promote education to others through books, presentations and other means. This blog lists the books that we have written from which you can benefit.  Take a look and see what you can learn.

Project Management Nuggets
This blog provides various nuggets of information. It contains various topics that caught our fancy at the time.  You may not think that the topic directly relates to project management, but we have learned that project management is really about people management.  Managing schedules and budgets are the easy parts to project management.  People issues are the stickier issues.  This blog covers all facets of project management - not just schedules and budgets.

Resource Material Reviews
This blog reviews various resource materials such as books, CDs, web links and other related material.  We have learned early on that good resource material is essential to successful project management.  And we have learned that a good reference from a trusted source concerning a resource material helps us weed out the not-so-good from the quality material that we need to be successful. Consider this blog your trusted source.

Client Case Studies
This blog provides a review of various case studies. The goal is to help you learn from their circumstances and practices in order to make your operation better.  It also helps you understand what American Eagle has done for others and what we can do for you.

MS Project Helpful Hints
This blog lists several features, tricks, and tips inside MS Project that are not readily obvious to the normal user.  MS Project is a complex and powerful tool that helps us in managing projects.  Used correctly, it makes our job easier.  Used incorrectly, and we suffer through limitless nightmares trying to get the program to work properly.  This blog is an extension of the training that we provide to customers.

Project Management Terms and Definitions
This blogs provides a list of terms and definitions used in project management.  We have found that many people sling terms and jargon around thinking they really know the meaning of the word, but what they really do is spread confusion instead.  Those sitting around him/her are worse off than if the person simply bumbled along without using the word.  This list is for the jargon-slinger so everyone can work from the same sheet of paper.

Project Management Whitepapers
This blog contains the latest whitepapers produced by American Eagle.  We don't produce a paper a day because they are rather lengthy and require research and analysis.  But we use this mechanism to make the easily accessible to all who are interested.

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